My latest project


A quick post on what's more near to my heart than politics. My latest music project. Some of you may or may not know that I've been trying to record a CD with my band The Real Emetics for the past year. It hasn't been working out so well. Between schedule conflicts, loss of jobs, and personal issues, the three of us can't seem to get in the studio at the same time. I'd been considering doing a "christian" CD after the Emetics project was complete. While rollerblading one evening, it struck me that perhaps the Lord didn't want me to make an Emetics CD. The next couple futile attempts to record tracks confirmed this to me. Sooooo, I'm now working on my "solo" project.

The tenative title is "Voice of the Spirit". I've got 12 songs. I'm playing all instruments on all the tracks except one. It's the last song I wrote for the Emetics and my bandmates play on that one. The songs wrote themselves easily and quickly. I always had trouble writing music until now. I guess I've got the proper inspiration this time. I'm in the middle of recording tracks. I anticipate I'll be complete with the project beginning of next year. I could get it done sooner but my wife would kill me if I spent that much time in the studio. The last CD I recorded with the St. Pius X folk group got me in hot water a couple of times. Anyway, I currently have the guitar tracks recorded for 5 songs and I'm laying down tracks for 5 more this weekend. The songs are a wide range of styles from classical guitar to HEAVY metal. I'll keep everyone updated as the project moves along.


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