Last night's debate

So I managed to stay awake through another 90 minutes of posturing. Unfortunately, very little new was said that wasn't previously released. My overall impression is that the debate was a "tie". Neither candidate delivered a knockout blow to the other. However, I think a tie favors Kerry. I will say that Bush really needs to stop talking to the American public like we're stupid or something. I'll quote Bill Maher from last Friday night on HBO: "Bush talks to you like what don't you s**theads get about what I'm saying?" That's a problem I've had with him all along. He's gone through 3 debates stomping his foot like a kid saying "Mom, he's making fun of me and nobody's listening to me!"

To Bush's credit, I think he had the better of the arguement on the abortion issue and the questions on faith. I think it's hard for a politician to straddle that fence where you believe abortion is wrong but should be legal (my personal views I'll save for another time). It's easy for Bush to come out and say that he believes in the "culture of life" and that abortion should be illegal. Kerry, on the other hand, really beat up the President on minimum wage and affirmative action. Bush lamely stated he supported one minimum wage bill then talked about education. Sure, that helps the next generation, but how does you kid getting a good education help you earn enough to feed and clothe the kid in the first place? Big business wouldn't like it if a Republican raised the minimum wage. On affirmative action, he did the same thing. Talk about education. Same reason, Republicans have a poor track record with minority rights.

Anyway, I'm not sure these debates changed anyone's minds. I also put little faith in the polls. I don't know how you can get a representative result from a poll of 585 registered voters. Case in point, when Hillary Clinton ran for the Senate in New York, the polls had her and her apponent (Lazio I believe) in a dead heat. Hillary killed him on election day. It wasn't even close. I'm looking forward to election day to hopefully get a new President but mostly to get all of this campainging over with. It's starting to get old.

BTW, if you want real statistics and fact checking, go to It is non partisan and gives you the straight dope.


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