Figured it out

These last couple of days have not been good to this blog. First there was the whole thing with Haloscan wanting to charge me money so I deleted the code and all over 4000 comments everyone has made since I put it in like 3 years ago. Oh well, that's really not that important. No one goes back and reads those old comments anyway right?

Then today I go to the site and I have these ugly boxes all over the place that my Photobucket account is inactive and there's no pictures on the site. Crap! So I update my email address for Photobucket (it was still the one I had from my dialup days) and that's fixed.

Then I finally figured out the code I needed to insert to put a Comments link on the page so it looks normal again. So other than there being no comments on previous posts, I'm now free of Haloscan and able to blog in blissful freeness of not paying anything.

Probably more to come soon as I have 1 week left in the semester. All the work is done but one paper (collaborative effort) and 1 quiz which I will take Sunday. I believe I have A's in both courses by raw grades but rumor has it the instructors grade on a curve. I'd love to have A's in both courses. Wish me luck.


Jammie J. said…
Blog problems are frustrating!

I wish you luck on your courses... A's all around, I say. :)
Jude said…
Like you, I lost all of my comments yesterday too. I am one of those former Haloscan users (they were the BEST!) who is now pi$$ed that I have to resort to boring ol' Blogger comments.

I spent the afternoon yesterday, after deleting Haloscan (who wants to PAY??) and getting blogger comments back on my template, AND changing my blog template etc. Long story but Blogger comments would only work by showing up on my main page with my old template. Anyhoo it looks a tad different over there now and pretty good ifIdosaysomyself.

I do wish you the best of luck in your courses Rocker Guy, go git 'em!

I trust you are inside and staying warm through the snow storm I hear you are having out there. We got some today too. Have a good weekend!
sydwynd said…
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sydwynd said…
Jammie: I THINK I'll be getting A'S but I only have half my grades so far. But happy to be done for the semester.

Jude: Know just how you feel. I only had to reinsert the blogger code. Probably could have helped with your old template. Now I need to come by and check out the new digs.

Definately staying warm. No snow but it's cold here.
Unknown said…
I predict A's for you. I predict not A's for me if I don't get going on this lit review, but I'm so ready for the semester to be done that I'm having a very hard time not procrastinating. Spent a large portion of this weekend cleaning, wrapping presents, and reading a non-school book. Now I need to put in a good three hours and get this over with.
sydwynd said…
Julz: I know what you mean. I had to get motivated for my final push to finish up as well. However, last assignment JUST got submitted so I'm done until January!

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