Because it Christmas..

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! In the Casa de Franco, despite being on a budget this year, we had a tree full of gifts. Everyone got what they wanted (or at leasted wanted what they got!)

Grasshopper got Transformers, slippers, a Hess truck, DDR, and Nerf guns. Christopher was in skater heaven with a rad jacket from CCS, Skull Candy ear buds, a hat with long tassels (which he wears ALL THE TIME), a model skate partk, and Tek Deck skateboards. He also managed to get enough cash to buy a real board of his own.

Ellen and I got lots of stuff we needed to be cyclists. I got the lady a bike stand to hold the bike up while you work on it (and yes, she very much loved it) as well as a great book on Eagle Scouts. She got me a new helmet, a windbreaker in screaming yellow (indeed the color stated on the product), and a bike computer. I actually loaded out my bike with the computer and took a ride yesterday with my new helmet and jacket! And, of course, I had to put the bike on the new bike stand in order to fit it with a computer.

All in all we had a great day. We spent Christmas eve with my parents and enjoyed the Italian seafood extraveganza in a high decibel environment. We spent Christmas day with Ellen's brother. We went to his place for the first time in a few years. Her nephew actually cooked! He made an awesome beef roast. Ellen really liked the mashed potatoes with home made gravy (with a healthy dose of wine in it). All in all we had a pleasant day.

Ellen made some most excellent (and evilly delicious) cookies this year, including the best cutout cookies ever! And so in honor of these delectable Christmas treats, enjoy this video. I thought of it every time I ate one of the cookies.


Jude said…
Well I have to be honest Rocker Guy, I'd rather have some other song rolling around in my mind! hahaha

That's great you all enjoyed a nice family Christmas, and that the haul was good too. We had the same, a nice family time and cozy evenings with WAY too much food.

Have a very Happy New Year!
sydwynd said…
Jude: New year's going well so far! Hope you had a great holiday as well!

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