All done!

I'm done with all of my course work for the semester. Quizzes are taken, papers submitted, nothing left to do but wait for the grades. I'm looking forward to doing some mindless reading over the next couple of weeks before starting up again in January.

In cooler news, Grasshopper participated in Merry TubaChristmas again this year. There were about 200 tuba/euphonium/baritone/sousaphone players that just showed up, practiced for about 2 hours, then played for an hour. Very cool. Even better than that, Grasshopper got his face on the local cable news! Check out the link below. Grasshopper is the kid in the red shirt with the green and white hat. That boy's been in the newspaper (in several cities), on TV, and now on the internet! That boy's going to be a star someday, I tell you.


Kate said…
Congratulations! What a load off!
Anonymous said…
Is there nothing greater than seeing your kids on TV? I played sting bass, and always hoped my kids would play as well, but they never did. Weren't interested. Look at him! He's a tuba LORD!

Momcani- just can't remember my Google password!!!
Jammie J. said…
So awesome!

Merry Christmas! :)
Jude said…
How cool is that? Go Grasshopper! :-)

Good luck on the grades Rocker Guy, and I hope you and yours had a good Christmas!

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