Where does the time go?

Just thought I better put something up here. Man, it's been nuts! At work we have all of the end of year craziness of members trying to get all of their benefits in via the web before 12/31 or they lose out. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?

This semester ends 12/23 so I need to get two papers written and 2 quizzes completed and I want to finish on the 20th. Which gives me a week and a half. Oh, and one of the papers is a colaboration and the rest of the team plans on reading the case this weekend.

Most of the holiday shopping is done, but not all and I don't feel like going out to do it. But I must.

So much going on right now my head should be exploding. But strangely, I'm not too stressed. Perhaps I'm just in denial. Who knows?

Got an email from the singer in my band on haitus. There may be some good news soon on the band front. We'll just have to wait and see.

Need to go and check on my online courses now. Rock on all, rock on.


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