Happy 4th Weekend

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We did lots of stuff and had a relaxing time. Friday was, as the Wife put it "get some shit done day". We had a new storm door put on our front door. We didn't have one before so now we can get lots of light and keep the front door open! Buddy thinks it's great to be able to look out on the world. We also got Grasshopper a new set of frames for his glasses and picked up some additional gear for scout camp next week.

Yesterday we got strawberries for canning. Ellen makes jam every year and this year we ran out of time and the weather was too rainy to pick them like we normally do so we just got some from the farmer's market. We also spent the day at her niece's place. It's on a creek in the sticks so we had a great time. The boys did some fishing and we basically hung out with family. Her niece's husband and her nephew both are in the bicycling industry and she's in the market for a nice bike to ride the trails on the canal in this area. So we got some good advice. We capped off the evening with local fireworks which was nice, although by then I was getting a little pooped and just wanted to go to bed. I know, I'm getting old.

Today we went to the bike shop where her niece's husband works and she tried out some bikes. The shop is right on the canal so we brought our bikes and she tried one out and we took about a 4 mile spin on the canal to get a feel for it. So we're going to go ahead and get her a bike. We're turning into a biking family it seems so we're going to try and get out and bike the path's more on the weekends through the summer. We're enjoying getting out of the house and doing things more, especially when the weather cooperates as it did today. We finished off the day by canning the strawberries and making jam and then after dinner sitting on our porch enjoying the cool evening. It got pretty hot in that kitchen, and not just because Ellen was in it!

Basically this weekend has been all family related stuff and no (or little) stress. Just the right kind. Hope everyone out there had as fun a weekend as we did.


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