Get Back to Where You Once Belong

We're back!

Holy cow what a week. There was rain, there was sun, there was lots of walking! I could tell you all about the things that happened but it would take hours and this post would be incredibly long! So here are some of the big highlights.

Weather was cold (like in the 50's) with rain the first couple of days. Put a little damper on things but we perservered. By Wednesday it warmed up into the 70's. Still some rain, but Wednesday was clear and rain free all day!

The boys were busy with merit badge classes, but I still got to do some great things with them. We went boating. Christopher and I did kayaking and I took Grasshopper out in a rowboat since he was not qualified as a full swimmer to go in canoe's or kayaks. I took a 50 minute bike ride with Christopher through the dirt roads and woods and we had a total blast! I gave him a run for his money let me tell you! The three of us did some fishing. Didn't catch anything, though. I climbed the 30 foot climbing wall along with Christopher. I also made it more than 3/4 away across the sky walk, which was monkey swings spaced far apart about 30 feet above the ground. Yes, I was doing crazy stuff and having a hell of a time doing it. We had campfires, great food, stomping on tables and generally being loud. There were a few downers on the week, but nothing that doesn't make me want to go back next year. It felt like a real vacation not to have to worry about anything in the real world for 7 days.

Here's a couple of pictures of our adventures. We can't wait to go back next year.

Grasshopper fishing.

Christopher on the climbing wall.

Me on the Sky Walk (of Death!)

The boys!


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