What's up

Sorry I've been lax. Just really haven't felt much like spending time on the internets. Except as related to my degree, of course. Some assignments were posted last week so I've been getting ahead on my reading. Tomorrow it kicks off officially. I'm spending every free moment I have on school work.

Things are crazy here. Just a couple of quick highlights. Maverick has had several wrestling meets and a tournament. He's won some matches and lost some matches, but has taken in all in stride and is excited to wrestle more. Grasshopper is buys visiting boy scout troops and will cross over next month. Time flies! Between sports, school, music, and scouts, we barely have any time for anything! We got a new roll top desk and 2 book cases for our den today. I totally love the new look in there. It's like a real den and will be a great place for me to study.

I have a ton of things going through my head right now, mostly about work and school and how the two are already coming together. I'm already learning things that are challenging how I manage.

As a final note, I took the advice of our pastor and have been giving the boys a simple blessing every night at bedtime. I put my hand on their heads and read the blessing. It's funny but they both feel really good when I do that and look forward to it. It goes as follows:

The LORD bless you and keep you!
The LORD let his face shine uponyou, and be gracious to you!
The LORD look upon you kindly andgive you peace!

And so I confer this blessing on all of you as well.


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