Good Kitty

It's been a rough week in our household. Last week, we noticed our nearly 20 year old cat Shadow was not eating much and her stomach seemed really bloated. The Wife took her to the vet and an X-ray revealed either a heart condition or intestinal tumor. They would have needed to do an ultrasound to nail it down, but either way it was a fatal illness. They asked what she wanted to do, and since the cat didn't appear to be in pain, the Wife brought her home.

A few days ago, she stopped eating and drinking all together. We've basically been on a death watch since Saturday, fully expecting the cat to be gone either when we woke up in the morning or got home. We made her as comfortable as possible, spending time petting her and scratching her chin, which she really likes. By yesterday, she couldn't even stand up.

Today when we got home, she was gone. We brought her to the vet for burial and it was a very tearful time, especially for Maverick. However, the vet was kind enough to give us some of her fur for a momento. In the spring, we're going to create a memorial for her in the back yard.

We rescued her from a shelter in Virginia Beach 17 and a half years ago. She had a great life and was a very good pet. She was a good kitty.


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