Back to Normal

Tomorrow the kids go back to school and I go back to work. It will be "business as usual", at least, post-holiday as usual. I had a nice little break from work, but the only real accomplishment I can site for a week and a half off is that I got through all of my new Wii game, "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" (awesome Christmas gift from the Wife). I did get a few other odds and ends done around the house, but not much.

I've got about another 2 weeks and then I start my first Graduate School classes. We'll see how much work that is, but basically I'm budgeting all my free time from Sunday to Thursday to class. I'm looking forward to it but I'm sure it will be a bit of work. Worth it in the end, hopefully.

I'll be putting up stuff from time to time. Maverick has his first wrestling meet on Friday. We'll see how he does. Other than that, not much new going on. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and that 2009 brings many blessings.


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