We did something for the first time on Sunday - snowboarding. Sunday was Scout Day at Bristol Mountain. It was a deal with rentals, lift tickets, and a lesson for $30 per person. We decided to give it a try. None of us had ever been on any sort of ski equipment (well, the Wife and I tried cross country skiing ONCE when we were like 18). So we picked up our gear when we got there, grabbed a bite, and waited for the next lesson session to start.

The instructors decided it would be best for the "big people" to stay in a group separate from the young ones. The Wife and I were in a group with 3 teenagers (around 17 or so). The instructor was great and showed us how to get on the board, how to do J turns, and how to slide down the slope to slow down. We stayed on the "bunny" hill the whole time, being newbies and all.

After the lesson, we spent the rest of our time on the hill. When the day started, I wasn't looking forward to going for some reason. But once we got there, I totally had a blast on the board! I was doing better than the teenagers too! How about that for us "older" folk!

The Wife took a spill and hurt her tailbone so she didn't do much boarding after the lesson. The boys and I had quite a few runs. Both Maverick and I got the hang of the board pretty quick and could run down the hill without falling. Of course, I took a couple of spills before I got the hang of it, but that was to be expected. The boys wanted to go on the beginner hills at the top of the mountain but we were definitely not ready for that.

Grasshopper had a pretty good time but is not sure if he wants to do snowboarding again. He thinks skiing might be easier. The Wife felt the same way. She and I are a little sore and stiff from the falls, but I'm looking forward to trying it again. Maverick definitely wants to snowboard again. We may go out again later in the season. We'll have to see what our schedule is like.


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