What a weekend

I could rant about work (boy could I rant about work!) but I'm coming down now so I'll blog about something else.

Christmas season sure came up fast! However, for once, we're ahead of the game. I had off the day before Thanksgiving since the kids were off from school, so we got some shopping done. Actually, the boys had Veteran's Day off so I hauled them to the outlet store and got the majority of the shopping for the Wife and her side of the family done. So the day before, I actually got up around 7 am, did some work (another story I could rant about). Somewhere around 9 or 10, we went out to drop off my 12 string for repairs, and hit the mall. I got some great ideas for my family and got that stuff purchased as well!

We enjoyed a nice Turkey Day at my parents place. I really like preparing one dish and then showing up to eat! I felt a little bad for the Wife since it was just my Italian side of the family so after dinner the conversation went nearly all in Italian. Not fun if you don't understand the language.

The Wife had to work the day after Thanksgiving, so what did the boys and I do? Went shopping of course! Now, I didn't get up at no 4 am to get any doorbuster deals or anything. I ain't crazy. We got up at a reasonable hour (8 or so) and went shopping later. I had a pretty good rule. If the line was too long to pay, we walked out of the store. There wasn't much I needed to get, so we got a few little items. By the end of the weekend, the only people left to shop for are my nephews, who I'm waiting for lists. The Wife even started wrapping gifts!

She feels like we're still behind but I reminded her that most years at this stage of the game we're still trying to figure out what the heck to get people. This weekend we'll probably get a tree and decorate inside. We've already got out outside lights up and a few indoor decorations up. So overall, we're having a pretty good holiday season. This Saturday Grasshopper will probably participate in Tuba Christmas. If you have one in a town near you, I recommend you go. I hear it's really good. And the Christmas parties are just starting to fire up.

So hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas season (or holiday season for my pals of other faiths).


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