Gospel of Mark

As part of an effort to get people to read the Bible more, we've been asked to read a chapter of the Gospel of Mark a week for the next 16 weeks. We're supposed to only read a little at a time and see if something jumps out and reflect on it. A couple of things have struck me so far. One was a line where Jesus called a tax collector and said "Follow me".

The other has been a little more powerful. Jesus went to James and John's house and their mother Matha was sick. Jesus healed her and she waited on them. I like the idea the Jesus heals us and we should serve Him. Given a bunch of things that have been frustrating lately, I need to keep remembering that.

I also realized today that talking to Jesus isn't always simple. When you ask Him a question, you get an answer, but that answer then raises about 10 more questions. I had been reading the 2nd chapter of Mark and a passage jumped at me and I KNEW it applied to something going on at work, but now I need to figure out what it means. Or, more succinctly, figure out what Jesus is telling me.


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