New possible friend

I was browsing through ebay last week, and saw something that's been of potential interest to me but usually goes for too much. However, in my search for musical perfection, I always thought this might be something I'd need. So I put in a low bid, thinking it wouldn't hold up. I'd be damned but it held up. So now I'm the proud owner of this:

It's a Yamaha SG1300TS. For you guitar techie types, it's constructed similarly to my beloved SG2000 (mahogany body, through the body neck, ebony fretboard). It also has upgraded pickups and a locking tremelo system. I'm hoping it has the same tone and feel as my SG2000. With the added tremelo, I can go all Eddie Van Halen again if I want. I should have it for my next gig on Sunday so if I do, I can put it through its paces.

On a seperate note, I somewhat promised Lisa B I'd give her some relationship war stories. So I need to come up with a few. However, if there are any requests for specifics on how to stay married for almost 20 years, let me know and I can include.


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