Am I crazy?

Besides the obvious answer, here's the deal.

My parents are going to Italy next summer. They've told my sister they would pay for her and her family to go as well. To be fair, they offered us the same deal. If we didn't want to go, they'd give us the cash equivalent to do what we wanted.

The Wife thought it would be great, at a minimum, for me and Maverick to go. He's studying Italian this year and has no problem flying. The Wife gets horribly clausterphobic and is not going no way no how. Grasshopper says he doesn't like the feeling of a plane taking off and landing, but he's never actually been on a plane, so he's just guessing. He wants to go, but doesn't want to fly. I told him his options are fly to Italy or stay home with Mom. He hasn't committed yet but is leaning towards going.

You'd think I was all excited to go to Italy, right?

Actually, no. Right now, I don't really want to go. The Wife has been talking about scheduling passport photos now so we have them in time and possibly taking the boys on a short plane trip to get them used to the idea. So today at dinner she says she never asked me if I wanted to go. Which is when I told her I didn't.

I don't know why, but I'm having trouble getting up enthusiasm for this trip. Part of it is that it feels like just one more obligation thust at me I don't want. Part of it is I really don't want to go without the Wife. I got to see lots of cool places in Europe when I was in the Navy and every place I went I always said to myself "I wish the Wife were here to see this".

In any event, I'll probably end up going. And I'll probably have a good time. But right now my heart just isn't in it.


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