Where I've been

I've been here now.

I had leadership training last week and one of the concepts was "Be Here Now", meaning, give your attention to what's going on at any particular time instead of multi-tasking. The concept of multi-tasking has been so ingrained in our heads lately that it seems if you're not doing 3 things at once, you're slacking. However, I've found that by no longer multi-taksing, I'm more productive. I've also brought that concept into the home. I'm trying to give the Wife and kids my full attention when they're talking to me. It's not easy, let me tell you, especially when one of the kids is rambling on. But I think it might pay off. In any event, the result is that I'm firing up the laptop at home a lot less.

Lots of other stuff going on. Boys are in the middle of soccer season, so there's games/practices every Monday/Wednesday. Work is crazy with all kinds of changes going on at the same time. The Wife and I went out to dinner at a local Greek resteraunt and saw the Indiana Jones movie this weekend to celebrate our anniversary. An evening out without the kids is always a treat. I'm trying to get my hands on a Wii Fit but they're impossible to come by right now. Maverick played at a jazz concert last week. The group was great but the concert went on like 2 hours. Both the junior and senior high played and the senior high director took like 15 minutes to acknowledge and say goodbye to all the seniors. And the concert started at 7:30! Maverick has a "girlfriend". At least, she's a girl and they say they're dating. The Wife met her at one of Maverick's soccer games and she seemed nice. A bit ecclectic, but nice.

There's probably a thousand more things going on right now that I can't think of. Now that summer's nearly here, we'll probably be busy all the time.


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