Fhat the Wuck

I feel like I should post something of substance, but truth be told, I can't think of anything. However, I don't want it to get too dusty around here and the crickets are getting a little loud. Since I'm on the laptop anyway, figured I'd throw up a quick post.

The band is trying to get in on a Catholic festival coming to Western New York in August. We've been going back and forth on what music to submit, all original or including covers. The problem has become getting copyright to record the covers. And we just found out today we need to get the music to the organizers by Wednesday to be considered. So an email went out asking if we should send originals only. An issue? Not for me. I've written every original song the band does. Oh, and I sing them all too. So while it's no sweat for me, I don't know if the band is into submitting my music since it's not representative of all the things we do. Hell, I'm ok with just submitting a couple songs off my CD. Again, don't know how the rest of the band feels but I really want to do this gig.

I'm finally getting to go to some cool training for work. That means I'll be in NYC for 3 days in September and in Boston for 3 days in October. Can you say BLOGGER MEET! The only reason I wanted to go to NYC was to get a chance to see Julz again. It's been literally YEARS (since Queen in October 05, holy shit!) I've made some additional blogger pals in the area and would love to do an in person meet if possible. So I'll be emailing some of you at the end of the summer!

I've had a phone interview for a promotion at work. Don't know where it's going to go from there but we'll see. The position would report to my boss's new boss, who started Monday this week. As it happens, I was out in Schenectady the last two days and got a chance to meet her. I also made it a point of chatting with her today, giving her some good IT tips and tricks, assuring her if she had ANY problems just to give me or my team a call, AND gave her my card with my cell number and said she shouldn't be afraid to use it. Was I too obvious? Not that I wouldn't have done any of that stuff anyway, but first impressions and all. Told you I can play the game if I need to.

Anyway, I'm off to play my guitar and do some reading. Those two things have been my big "downtime" activities. I'm still visiting everyone during lunch at work (assuming I have a chance to EAT lunch at work) so I'll be round.


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