I got the music in me

I've really had music on the brain lately. I got a subsription to Guitar World and this month's issue had an article on one of my biggest guitar heroes, the late Randy Rhoads. As a result, I've been wanting to pick up the guitar all the time. Not that I hadn't already been in a guitar playing mood, it just made it worse. I've also been looking at tube amps. I got a great little device that allows you to turn the amp all the way up to get really good natural gain but attenuate the volume so you don't blow the room out. Not that I can afford to go out and buy a good tube amp, but I can still want.

Anyway, not much going one other that sports for the kids. Soccer Monday/Wednesday, karate Tuesday/Thursday/Friday. This week will be the Wife and I's 19th anniversary. We're planning a nice little dinner/movie night next Saturday. I haven't gotten her a gift yet since I can't find what I want, but I'm sure I'll have something for her to unwrap by Saturday.


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