Smoke and Mirrors

I went to the dentist today to get a filling. At my last cleaning, the hygenist said there was a small cavity in one of my molars, so I made an appointment to get it filled. Today was the day, so I show up expecting a minor deal. Once I'm in the chair, the dentist gets the drill out and starts going to work. Without novacaine. Must be a small cavity, right?

Except as he's digging around, he says, "Wow, that didn't show up on the X-Ray." Not a good sign. Turns out I had TWO cavities. And the second was deeper than the X-Ray indicated. So he drills some more. And then starts yanking stuff out with one of those dental picks. And starts drilling some more. And pulling more stuff out. Then he switches bits in the drill. And smoke starts coming out of my mouth. No lie, SMOKE! Mind you, STILL no novacaine.

So he keeps drilling and pulling stuff out with the pick, until finally YOUCH! He stops drilling and says "I think we got it now." I hope so!

Anyway, he then proceeds to fill the cavities and the teeth are good as new. Lucky for him we were soccer buddies as kids. Otherwise I might have had to say something about the smoke. Well, at least there weren't flames coming out. Which actually would have been cool. If that happened to someone else.


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