New Toy

So you can all now be jealous of me (or not), this is the new toy I purchased last night:

It's the Sandisk e260 4 gig model and it was much cheaper than an Ipod. Plus it has cooler features. It's now loaded with tons of MP3's and is playing trough my speakers at work. I also got the transmitter so I can listen over the radio in my car. I am now free from banal morning talk on the drive to work and have a nice variety of tunes to enjoy.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. I'll be heading to the hills (literally) on Sunday and looking forward to being out of touch for a couple of days. Work is making me insane right now and I need a break. See you Wedensday!

BTW, for all the Harry Potter fans, if you want some amusing silly rock, check out Draco and the Malfoys and Harry and the Potters. I, of course, prefer evil wizard rock.


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