I got nothing

Don't it figure, on a night where I have time to blog, I got nothing interesting to blog about.

Life with one kid is going very nicely. The schedule is so much easier and there's fewer arguements. Not completely gone, mind you, just fewer. It's nice not having to seperate two fighiting kids.

I'm still looking around for an Ipod. I've been checking ebay, but being as cheap as I am, nothing is a reasonable price. If you know someone looking to sell one reasonably, let me know.

Sunday Grasshopper and I are off to Cub Adventure camp. There'll be post about it afterward, but I'll be out of site for 3 days. The only cell phone service at the camp is if you stand by the flag pole, grab the pole just right, and raise your foot at the right hieght and angle. But they do have a pay phone!

Work has been crazy. It's very challenging trying to manage personnel and upgrades in a city 250 miles away. However, we're making progess. Still a long way to go, though.


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