What a weekend

Very little went as planned this weekend. It started Friday. I went into the office for like 30 minutes to get my paycheck and send off a couple of quick email on the "project". The plan was to come in Saturday morning for like 30 minutes to get everything ready to test the production environment. Well, I get a call from my boss about an hour later on my cell phone. There was a conference call scheduled to "talk about the plan" at 2. So now my plans for the afternoon are shot. Just before two I find the call is pushed to 4. Ok, fine. Now my day is totally shot. I get on the 4 pm call and of course, everyone now gets skittish even though I told everyone the "plan" over a week and a half ago. So they pushed everything back a week. Great.

I figure, not a problem, now I don't have to go into work on Saturday and we can do family stuff. The Wife and I plan out a hike on the nature trails in one of the local parks, go to the animal shelter to look at dogs afterward, and then perhaps doing some shopping after dinner for a gift for my Aunt's 50th birthday party Sunday.

The day started off fine. We got to the park and Grasshopper and I went on an easier, shorter trail. The Wife parked her SUV in a lot by a more advanced trail. We're working Maverick up for longer hikes for summer camp with the Scouts. So the Wife and Maverick take the other trail. After Grasshopper and I finish up, we walk to where the Wife parked the car. I look at it and notice something strange.

The backmost window on the driver's side was smashed. That's right, our car was broken in to. Her purse was gone. Not that there was much in it. Less than $20 cash, and a PDA worth about $50 on ebay. But now we get to go through all the hassles. Getting the car fixed, of course. New license for the Wife. I had to cancel all our credit cards. And when I called the insurance company, it turns out the personal property loss (the purse, that is) gets covered under our home owner's policy. Which means the value of what was lost is less than our deductible. So I have to eat the cost of it all.

And we really don't care so much about the loss itself. It's all the aggravation and hassle we're going to have to go through now for about $20. Needless to say, the rest of the day was shot. We had to wait for the police to show up to file a report. By the time we were done, we didn't feel like doing anything else.

At least Sunday was a nice day. Everything was pretty mellow and the party for my Aunt was very nice. Now it's back to the grind as the boys are back in school tomorrow.


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