I got my baby back

Not babyback ribs, but my Yamaha. I dropped it off last week since one of the pickups was cutting out (the electronic things that create the sound that goes throught the amps for you non musical people). Now it plays and sounds great! I plugged her in to check everything out and she totally rocks! It always amazes me what a great instrument it is. Whatever else I play, whenever I pick it up after a while of not playing it I fall in love all over again. It's just so comfortable and so me. (sigh). I missed her while she was gone but am glad to have her back.

Sorry I havn't been around. I have a major email integration project going on at work and it's consuming all of my time. By the time I get home, I just don't feel like spending time to type a post. I have been trying to get around to visiting, though. If any of you are serious techno-geeks, what we're doing is deploying MIIS (Microsoft Identity Integration Server, well, the Identity Integration Feature Pack, IIFP, portion) as well as the InterOrg Replication tool. You can find info on MIIS here, and the InterOrg Rep Tool here. If you ever have trouble sleeping, I guarentee reading these will cure it.

Additionally at work, I'm getting more and more into the politics of things. It was really unavoidable after the merger, since our IT departments work so differently and have different visions of what the department should be. Lately it feels like I've been doing battle every day and I come home just weary of it. I told my boss the other day I should just take over everything and make them all do it my way. At least things would come out the way I want. And we all know that my way is best, don't we?

In any event, I'm home with the kids Thursday and Friday. It's decent out here so I think I'll take the kids outside. I have an urge to rollerblade and the boys can ride bikes. Don't know what we'll do tomorrow, but it will be something non-work related. But then Saturday I'll have to go in to do some configuration on the "project" and Monday it's off to Syracuse for a seminar and battle with one of my counterparts in Schenectady. Somehow I need to convince her my vision of our phone system is the one she should adopt.......

The battle never ends.


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