Re-Org update

Well, yesterday they announced the new organization officially and today I met with my new boss. Which is kind of odd since he was my peer just a week ago. However, he's a known quantity to me and we can work together well so truthfully I'm not too concerned. I was kind of miffed last week that I hadn't been offered the position, but after just having a wonderful family weekend I came in to work Monday this week with a whole new attitude for some reason. Perhaps it all sunk in or I realized that it's only work. I do have some serious concerns about this organization, but they're not in my "area" so there's only so much to do about it.

I spent most of the morning chatting with the new boss, giving him my thoughts on everything, and giving my opinions on where we should be going. While they gave us an org chart for my group, the new boss really hasn't set anything in stone. He wants to meet with me and the other manager on the team to figure out where we're going. Which I like. I let him know all the things I'm currently doing including those roles that don't fall inside the traditional "help desk" responsibility. I believe he was impressed by the number of things I do manage outside that realm. I was very clear that I want to be heavily involved in making things happen. I will not be relegated to a simple help desk supervisor.

People, I'm in full political mode now. This is where I begin manuvering to show off my skills and mold my job into what I want it to be. It is a subtle and fearsome process. They will want to just naturally put me in a position of power, I mean responsibility, that gets me known across the organization. I've already begun getting on the CIO's good side and he knows who I am. And he appears to like what I'm telling him. Cause I can make things happen, baby. On time, right the first time, and making things run better.

Watch out, cause I'm taking over. And they won't realize it until it's too late.


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