Work Update


Relatively quick update on how the big work meeting went.

We went to Turning Stone Casino (one of the Indian Reservation places) for the big manager meeting where the new IT department organizational structure was going to be revealed. I went with much trepidation. However, when the big unveiling came, I was underwhelmed. The department is going to be organized into some new areas, but it all makes sense. I had anticipated some names being plugged in, but they weren't. On the plus side, we where asked to suggest names to put in those positions, which report directly to the CIO. Guess who I thought should be responsible for Customer Service? Anyone?

I did think about that a lot on the trip back to Rochester. We rented a van and I got to just ride, which was conducive to Deep Thoughts. If I haven't made this plain here yet, I'm an ambitious little cuss. Not cutthroat kind of ambisious, but quietly so. Like kick butt and take names and make sure the right people know who I am, but not obnoxiously so. But when something comes up and I throw my hat in for it, my skilz are recognized right away. And I really want one of these positions.

But I have to be careful with that. First of all, I don't want to be totally disappointed if I don't get one of them. But also, I've found that if I try to hard to follow my own way, it will not work out. The Lord has blessed me with many things, but only when I let go of my own desires. I was struggling with this a litte, and decided to just read my Bible. I'd intended to read from Luke, but when I opened my bible and started reading, I realized I'd opened to Matthew instead, specifically chapter 6. Two things struck me. Verse 8: Do not be like them. Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. And Verses 25-34 (Matthew 6:25 sound familiar to anyone? As in a song title perhaps?). It talks about "Birds of the sky are always fed, behold the splendor of the field, you are so much more than they, trust God to give you everything you need" (copyrighted, btw).

So I'll put my faith and trust in Him. If I'm to be one of those "guys", then I will be.

There was one major downer on the day. Very shortly after lunch, I started feeling really nausceous. Like, I was incredibly surprised I didn't lose my lunch. It took a few hours for it to settle down. I even had to walk out on my boss as he was giving a presentation of the project I was working on, which made him think I was pissed at him or something. As it turns out, I wasn't the only one that got sick. One of my co-supervisors lost his lunch on the ride home (luckily he was in the other van). We think they served some bad deli meat. Today I feel much better but for a while there I was totally miserable.

We should have some final answers on the new management team in a few weeks. So stay tuned!


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