The time grows short

Today was Maverick's last den meeting as a Cub Scout. His Blue and Gold Dinner is Saturday when he'll cross over into Boy Scouts. The den leader put up a powerpoint presentation with pictures from the very beginning. It really hit home that these kids started together over 5 years ago. How the time flies. We had a pizza party and afterwards, the den leader had a special surprise he'd been sitting on since September and managed to keep a secret from everyone, including his kid.

He brought all the scouts up, said some nice words, then lifted a blanket to uncover walking sticks he'd made for each boy. He'd burned each scout's last name into them, polyurethaned them, and put a cub scout symbol on the stick. The walking sticks were to help them on their journey's beyond Cub Scouts. At the end he was choking up a little, it was so awesome. Maverick loves his walking stick since he's been asking for one for like a year. Saturday I believe will result in many women weeping. Pictures will be posted.

When the fuck did Maverick start growing up? And how come he didn't clear it with the Wife and I first?


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