Weekend updates

Not a lot going on here. Thought I would updated on a few things.

This past week was my dad's 65th birthday. We had a party for him yesterday at my cousin's resteraunt. He's got a great Italian place. True to my heritage, I will first speak of the food, which was quite good. We had the 5 course meal, with appetizer, soup, salad, main course, and dessert. The appetizer was probably the best of all. It had a few marinated mozzarella balls, proscuitto and swiss cheese with some olive oil, and fried artichoke hearts. I could have had just that for my meal and be happy.

My aunt and uncle came out from Rhode Island for the occasion, which is nice. It was quite the party. I gave a short toast to my old man than my mom was quite proud of. Even the boys had a pretty good time. They liked hanging with their cousins.

On the music front, we have a new member of the band. It took some time before everyone understood his relationship to me, which was none. His mother is dating my cousin (the one who's wife died 3 years ago). Everyone thought he was my cousin or something, when in fact there was no relation at all. He did really well for never having heard any of the songs and not being used to reading music. The girls in the band thought he was hot. Our bass player was not there but they later assured him the he would find him hot as well.

Speaking of our bass player, things are going much better. His parents talked to a priest at a different parish and came home from the meeting much more understanding. He doesn't know what they talked about, but whatever it was totally changed them. Both he and his dad spoke in church today about how they use thier talents to serve the Lord. They were very comfortable together so I think acceptance is coming.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Turning Stone Casino for a big work meeting. Our new CIO is going to reoganize the IT departments. He told senior staff that our organization in Schenectady is broken (his words) and that the new organization would look more like Rochester. However, he did also say that people in Rochester would be reporting to people in Schenectady. Tomorrow the "master plan" gets presented. It should be interesting. I've heard absolutely no rumors whatsoever about how the new organization is going to look, so we're all wondering what's going to happen. One thing is for sure, I don't think there's going to be a lot of gambling going on. Stay tuned.

Just one final note reminder that I've got the hottest wife around. I don't believe I've mentioned it to her here recently, so I thought I'd remind her. Baby, you are smoking! All the other guys out there wish they were me. Sucks to be them! Love you hon!


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