Rocking the House

Friday night Faith on Fire got to play at the Diocesan Youth Convention. We thought we had 90 minutes but it turned out to be 60. We quickly redid our set list to include pretty much just up-beat numbers with one or two slow numbers in there. The kids loved the show. They were dancing and singing and just having a good time. Feedback we got was that they left and told their friends how good we were. The highlight of the evening had to be when we did an original called Keep the Faith. The chorus normally ends with the line "just keep the faith", except at the end of the song where we finish on the line before. This was the first time these kids had heard the song and when we stopped, they kept going and sang "just keep the faith". How cool is that?

The gig did show the band that we need to work a little harder at songs like those. We were reading off of music and we need to flat out memorize all the songs to do it like a real band. We also need to get a little tighter. But the Spirit was moving through us and I think we reached the kids.

Today was a 5th grade Mass at church. Maverick was excited about it, he likes it when he gets recognized. They printed all the names of the 5th graders in the parish in a special program that was handed out to everyone. The Wife began teaching the monthly faith formation program this year so she got her name in there as a catechist, which I thought was cool. Maverick got a bible at the end of Mass and was already reading it tonight. We appear to be doing something right with the boy.

This year we're having my family over for Thanksgiving. It will be my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my cousin along with us. My brother always spends Thanksgiving with his wife's family, and my sister is going to NYC to have Thanksgiving with her sister-in-law. Since we would have normally gone to my mom's house, I invited her here instead so I don't have to go anywhere. We put together a "small" menu and already the Wife is wondering what the hell we're going to do with all the food. Cause in an Italian household, a small meal will still feed about 40 people even though only 10 are showing up. I'll probably post stories this weekend.

Anyway, in case I don't get to your page before Thursday, I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and don't go out of your minds shopping on Friday. As a matter of fact, stay home and enjoy a day off with no stress.


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