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Just thought I'd ramble a bit. First, I'd like to welcome a new reader, Rhea. She's a for real writer in the Boston area. Thanks for coming by. I've added you to my blogroll.

Faith on Fire played Friday night for a conference/teen Mass. It was a pretty good gig. We started by doing an acousticy set for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and confession. We then played for Mass. It was the feast day of St. Leo, for whom the church was named. After the Mass, there was an inspirational speaker. He was one of those types that shouts a lot and tells motivational stories. I suppose he was ok, but I'm not really into that type of speaker. We were supposed to do another hour set after he was done, but first the Mass went over, then the speaker went over, so by the time we could go on again, it was 9:45 pm. Everyone was pretty much leaving so there was no point in doing our set. We did two songs mostly for us just for fun. We didn't mind so much, but if we'd have known the speaker was going to go on so long, we could have packed up 2 hours earlier. Oh, well. That's how it goes in rock and roll.

Today the Wife began her new stint teaching Family Faith Formation at church. It's a once a month program that we've been attending for the last couple of years. The instructor couldn't do it any longer and asked her if she'd step in. The Wife was excited about doing it, but has been stressing about it for about the last two weeks. She even dreamed about it last night and how things went wrong. Of course, she was brilliant leading the group. She got many positive comments from the parents in the group. The kids warmed up pretty quickly and it went smoothly. Now that the first class is under her belt, I think it will go better next time.

We have a typical week coming up. Nothing out of the ordinary other than a Faith on Fire gig at the Diosocene Youth Conference Friday. We may go to the local outlet mall Saturday. Both myself and Maverick (especially him) are in need of new jeans and they have good prices there. Lately I'm getting to hate shopping. Or perhaps it's just I'm getting cheap in my old age and just hate spending money.

Finally, a quick shout out to my pal Lois. We co-wrote the song Thank You Lord. It is a huge favorite with the Faith on Fire members. They refer to it as "that Counting Crows song". Thanks for providing such great lyrics. You totally rock. And I promise I'll get a recording to you one of these days of the whole band doing it.


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