One final battle

There is one more skirmish to complete in my battle with one of my instructors from last semester.  Today I FINALLY got my grade for the course.  Because I didn't trust the teacher as far as I could throw here, I copied all of my grades and emails with grades to a Word document in case I needed them.  Per the points laid out for each assignment, I earned a 95.8% in that course.  You know what my final grade was?  Ready?  A MINUS!  I got a 92% in another course and got an A!  I'm not sure what planet this woman is on to think after all the freaking work I put into that course that I got anything but an A. 

So I did what the school recommends.  I emailed my advisor and let her know that I believed there was a mistake in my grade for that course.  I attached my document with my grade calculation and am willing to fight tooth and nail for that A.  Mind you, either grade will result in the same GPA (3.94 thank you very much) but it's the principle of the thing.  I want the grade I earned.

In other news, we received a bit of a shock this weekend.  The youth coordinator at our parish, someone that has become a friend and part of our "circle" was unceremoniously fired from her position.  We were flabergasted.  No warning, no nothing.  She's holding up well but Ellen and I and some of our other friends are not happy.  Like, not happy enough to contemplate going somewhere else.  With that and some other things we've heard from another friend on staff that had enough and quit, I'm not sure I have faith in the ability of those charged with leading our parish to do so.  It's very sad when humans make a mess of God's church.  We're going to try and plan a proper farewell for our friend with just the families involved in youth ministry.  I think they're going to be hard pressed to get teens involved next year after this.  Parents will not be happy.

I've got more things in the works but alas still cannot say anything yet in public.  I will reveal when the time is right, never fear.


Jude said…
Wow, it makes you wonder if someone is power tripping or just being plain bitchy. I hope your friend is okay and can move on from this. With all of you supporting her I think she has a good chance.

Time for some "new blood" running things there perhaps?
sydwynd said…
Jude: I seriously don't know what the issue is. I suspect the instructor made a "subjective" decision on the grade instead of an objective one based on the average. After all, who the hell thinks a 95% average is an A-?

The situation at church is highly unfortunate. The current pastoral administrator has had the job for about a year or two but I'm worried about how he's running things. I have another friend on staff (who quit because she couldn't take it any longer) and what I hear is not good.
Jammie J. said…
I'm glad you kept a summary of your grades. When suspicion arises, it's always best to be well-prepared for battle. I'm certain she's not.

Really sorry to hear about the youth coordinator. Sadly, many churches these days ARE all about being powerful in a microscopic environment instead of yielding to God in a universal environment. Or, you know, political. It's so disappointing when that happens.
sydwynd said…
Jammie: I may let this one lie. I did some emailing and was informed that I should get with my "mentor" which is the university's nice little euphemism for an instructor. I certainly didn't feel like a "mentee" in this course. So I'm sure this woman will have some subjective answer for the grade.

I'm not sure if this was political or financial. There was talk of staff reduction but when it's really sudden like that it makes you wonder.
Kate said…
You have had such a rough go of it. I certainly hope things get brighter in a fast hurry for you!

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