So much going on, so little to say

There are so many things I could blog about.  Unfortunately, most of them are work related and I can't share in a public forum.  Suffice it to say there is a great deal of change on the horizon and it will be a challenge to manage that change.  As before, any prayers you care to offer on my behalf as I go through this process are much appreciated.  I don't fear change as its inevitable, but boy can it be stressful when you're going through it.  I've had the song Lead Me Lord (you can listen to the song and read the lyrics here) going through my head for weeks.  Its almost like a mantra to remind me to let go.  But its not easy.

This being the Memorial Day weekend, you would think picnics and festivities are on my schedule, right?  Wrong.  Parades are on my schedule.  Specifically, all the parades Christopher has to march in!  He has a parade/field trip tomorrow and three, count 'em THREE, parades to march in Monday morning.  It's literally a marathon to do one parade, quickly hop on a bus, go to the next, then hop back on the bus and go to the third.  Throw in some other obligations this weekend and its packed again.  The fun never stops at our place.

Beyond that, nothing much going on.  I could rant about some political type stuff I've seen on TV, but it's not worth the energy right now.  I'll keep everyone up to date on the work stuff as much as I can.  Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Kate said…
Sounds like a great get to be a proud dad! I loved marching band and mom loved to come watch me! Good luck to Christopher...what does he play?

I will add you and your family to my evening prayers. I know everything will turn out.

Excited to see what political stuff you have to always make me think of things in a different way and I love it when I can see it from a different perspective!
Jammie J. said…
ha... I love how you list all this stuff and then say, "Beyond that, nothing much going on."

I'm so excited for you for your "change" ... I believe, after all the changes (speaking of my own in the last few years), even though they're so challenging to do when going through them, that it will be the bestest ever.

Parades! Yay!
Jude said…
Go Christopher! Your family is one of the "busiest" I know.

Ah yes, several months back you offered me advice on change in a comment on my blog. I will definitely say a prayer for you on this Vince, it's the journey that is often the tough part more than the destination. I wish you the best!
sydwynd said…
Kate: Christoher plays sax. Nicholas, my younger one, plays euphonium, trombone, and piano. In 2 years, we'll get to do this with BOTH boys! Christopher made it through today just fine, if a little tired. I'm sure I'll have some good political rants for you soon.

Jammie: Of course there's not much going on. I can't seem to look past tomorrow or I'd be overwhelmed. One day at a time! I emailed you so you'll know what's going on!

Jude: Thanks! I'm trying to let it all go but there's a lot on my mind. Let me know if you want more details and I can email you. Can't make it public yet.

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