Talking me off the edge

So I was going to wait until yesterday (Wednesday) to get a response from Christopher's teacher on my email and then it was going to get ugly. I had my next email crafted and ready to send to the teacher and the assistant principal. I was ready to go in guns blazing and the consequences be damned. The sleeping tiger was awakened and it was hungry for fresh meat.

And then Ellen talked me off the edge. She told me that before I get mean for the sake of getting mean, I send a email explicitly stating I want an acknowledgement to my first email and that we would get weekly updates. So I told her fine and wrote a new draft that basically said "Didn't hear from you and I'd like a response indicating you understand what we're looking for." She rewrote what I wrote and I edited what she wrote and off the email went. Just to the teacher, no one copied in. The tiger sat down to wait. I fully expected to get to send a scathing email tonight.

Imagine my surprise when I got a response today! Not only a response, but a really helpful one! The teacher thanked me for emailing and filled me in on Christopher's progress this week. I was told Christopher was doing much better and that if he didn't turn in the lab due today I'd get an email. I was told no new was good new on that assignment. I was also told I'd get an update at the end of the week after break.

Damn! I was SOOOO ready to go ballistic! Luckily, this is why I have Ellen in my life. We ran into a similar issue with Nicholas when he was in elementary school. I didn't particularly like the response I got from the school principal about Nicholas so I was ready to go in there and let him have it. But Ellen suggested we talk to someone at the school we trusted who let us know she thought Nicholas would be fine and not to worry. I get that Italian blood going and I won't be satisfied until I wreak some destruction. Ellen pulls me back and makes sure I mind by P's and Q's and that we're very clear before going on the warpath. And she's usually right.

We got both boys' grades today via our parent portal website and both did pretty good. We need stay on top of Christopher's work to make sure he finishes strong. But hopefully we've motivated him enough. Or else. I got more to tell at a later date. We're leaving for Baltimore on vacation on Sunday so I'll be busy packing and getting ready from now until then. But when I get back I BETTER get my first update from the teacher. And I'm sure a gentle reminder email will trigger any loss of memory from a week off.


Jammie J. said…
So, so glad. I just don't understand why people have to be reminded to do their job and responding to an email is more than that -- it's common courtesy.

The voice of reason is always good, though. :)
sydwynd said…
Jammie: Unfortunately, some people are satisfied with doing the minimum. I have a couple of them working for me. And you would think it's not too much to ask to respond to an email. Not looking for much. Oh well, I'll stay on top of the situation.
sydwynd said…
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Jude said…
I'm glad that so far it looks like she will keep you updated as you need. Have a GREAT trip! :-)

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