Monkey off my back

I finally got a big monkey off my back. One of the courses I've been taking required me to sumamarize and react to each of the 34 chapters in the textbook. It was tedious, mostly dull, and not very enlightening. I say "was" because today I finished the assignment. Four weeks ahead of time. Thank God. I have to say that was the WORST assignment I've ever done. As an amusing side note, my instructor gave me the results of my 3rd submission (there will be six total) and advised me to shorten it all up. I got that feedback when I had six more chapters to go. Too little, too late.

This now leaves me free to focus on the three papers I'm trying to write by April 15. The most important one, the first part of my capstone project for my degree, is about 1/3 complete. I've just started the second and need to do the research for and write the third. I'm pretty sure I can have them all done by the end of the month leaving me 2 weeks to proofread. I'm most concerned about the capstone project one. I really want that to be good. The second one I began I'm not so concerned about. It's an odd kind of assignment. A list of 25 "resources" and a description of them. One of the instructions stated the assignment should reflect I've been in the class. However, I'm only jumping into the class the last 4 weeks so I wasn't really in the class. However, as long as I pass, I'm good. The last paper is for my FAVE class above that I've just completed doing summaries. I'm actually kicking ass in the class, much as I hate the course and the instructor. Truthfully, I think I'll do OK on the paper but I'm also not really concerned about that grade either. I'm positive I can get at least a B. The only reason to get an A is to maximize my reimbursement from the company.

Truthfully, except for the one course I care about, I'm in the mode of just getting these courses done. The short course I'm taking is required and the other is an elective. So I just want to get them done and get the credit. I'm also looking forward to getting my weekends back. After this semester, the work I have left is a lot less. One course over the summer. Basically one course in the fall. Can't wait to finish up.


Jude said…
Sounds like you might be seeing the light at the end of that tunnel..... and you're so far ahead so that's great!

Having your weekends back will be so nice, I'll bet I know what you will be doing lots of, weather permitting. :-)
sydwynd said…
I was wondering if that was the daylight or the train. We'll see.

I hope to do lots of different outdoor activities, but yes, some of them will result in me on two wheels.
Jammie J. said…
Congrats on finishing up your assignment early. Your instructor sounds lazy and you're an overachiever. I'm thinking the two don't mix well.

Re your other courses, you know what they say... sometimes you just gotta get 'er done. ha!

sydwynd said…
Jammie: I never disagree with the important women in my life. I will say I'm rather dissapointed in my instructor. When the student is better oganized, that's a problem.

Got one paper nearly done, one about halfway, and I'll start the third when the first is finished. Should be no sweat getting it done by 4/15.

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