Out of the Blue

No, not the album by ELO (though that's a great album). Yesterday I recieved an unexpected email. It reads as below:

Dear Faith on Fire:
I am writing to request Faith on Fire participation at a WDKX sponsored event on June 6, 2009 at the Mt. Vernon Church located at 351 Joseph Avenue. WDKX along with MVP Health Care (formerly Preferred Care) is sponsoring a Unity Day Celebration. This is a free event organized as a collaborative effort by WDKX Radio, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and SafeChild Foundation Outreach. This is a celebration to bring the community together in crating a safe and productive place to live and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood community and city. This Unity Day is an effort to promote the good in our city, its people and the opportunities.
Everyone of all ages is welcome, We will provide various activities, information, food and entertainment. Some of the entertainment will include a WDKX live broadcast, African drumming and dance from Bush Mango,performance from Miss Sweet Soul Babies and Gospel singing. We hope that Faith on Fire will be a part of this wonderful outreach program in the Upper Falls area. I have attached a copy of the promotion overview, but if you have questions , please feel free to contact me.

Vice President of Finance
WDKX 103.9 FM

I was blown away! The band is all interested in the gig so I'm going to contact the person to see if we can play. The opportunity to play before a couple thousand people will be awesome!


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