Two posts in two days! Don't get used to it.

A comment I made on Jeanette's blog made decide to post this. Today Maverick was having a bad day. He spent 10 minutes getting his hair just the way he wanted it, then it got all messed up in the wind when he had to walk the dog. He didn't have a hissy fit or anything, but he was stomping around.

Halfway through church I noticed he was standing there all tense and shaking with an obvious mad on. At first, I leaned over and asked him what his problem was (not quite so mean sounding). He didn't respond but I took a second look and I knew what was going on. He and I are alike in one respect, when we get a mad on, we stew and every little thing just makes it worse. I knew this because I've been fighting that mad on all weekend (story for another time).

So I decided it was time for a "father/son" moment. After communion, I told him to grab his jacket and come with me. We left the church and had a seat in the parish center where no one was. I asked him what was bothering him and he said he didn't know but every little thing was annoying him. I told him I understood and explained how I get like that. I also told him how I was trying hard not to let the things annoying me take over and that I was trying to let it go. He seemed to understand and feel better. By the time we left about 10 minutes later, he seemed in a much better mood.

It's good to know I can still talk to the kid since who knows how long it will last. But at least we both learned something out of the experience.


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