Tonight was Grasshopper's final Spring concert with the Elementary school band. Last year they closed one of the elementary schools in the district so there are a lot more students. So many that while last year there was one school band, this year there is a 4th and 5th grade band. The 4th grade band performed first. They were pretty good for kids that had been playing only about 7 months. However, you'd have thought they were rock stars or something.

Why you might ask? The parents of said 4th graders spent their entire performance (before and in between songs) shouting out their kids names, hooting and hollering, whistling, and carrying on after every song as if The Beatles were playing or something. This behavior continued when the combined 4th and 5th grade chorus sang.

Now, how do I know for sure it was 4th grade parents making all the noise? Because when Grasshopper's 5th grade band came on to play, there were no shout outs, applause was appropriate, there was no whistling, and no one was standing up waving at their kid like an idiot when the kid couldn't see them in a dim concert hall.

It's probably well and good that Grasshopper will be in middle school next year as middle school band parents know how to behave at a concert. Literally the kids were better behaved tonight than the adults. Of course, the Wife and I were highly dignified throughout the performance. We're not newbies.


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