*Updated* Quick update

2 really fast things before I head off for a gig. First, I got back my grade from the major paper I turned in about 2 weeks ago. A+! Feels good to be rewarded for a HUGE amount of hard work.

But, more importantly, I'd request prayers for my nephew. He complained about trouble seeing and headaches the other day and then had trouble walking. He's been admitted and the doctor's aren't sure what's up yet. They've done a CAT scan which was negative and they've ruled out meningitis. They're waiting to do an MRI. I'll update when I know something.

*Update* - got a call from my sis yesterday. My nephew is fine. They ran all kinds of tests and didn't find anything so she took him home yesterday. They did find evidence of some cold medicine in his system and suspect it was an allergic reaction, but nothing definate. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!


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