Can You Hear Me Knocking?

Just a couple of updates while I'm riding the train to Schenectady (the only way to fly).

Grad school is going well so far. The few grades I've recieved are good. I'm knee deep in assessment exams and a so-called 2 page paper that will have about 8 pages of appendices to support the 2 required pages. I just keep on going, baby.

The work thing is slowly sorting itself out. I spoke to my new manager yesterday (she's really my old manager's boss, but with him gone tomorrow, she's taking over for a while). There were some rumors flying around about the future of the team and I had two open positions that were put on hold. She cleared the air about the two open positions and it all makes sense. There may be some behind the scenes political stuff going on but being the optimistic fool that I am, I'm taking her explanation at face value.

She mentioned that my old boss' job (which I woulndn't mind having) is currently under review. She and the CIO want to discuss the job requirements before looking for a replacement. With all the things going on and the fact my new boss trusts myself and my co-manager, she's in no big hurry right now. However, I did offer to assist her in determining those responsibilities and mentioned I had some ideas I'd like to share. Oh, and that I would be interested in filling the position. Yes, people, I can play the game very effectively.

The boys are doing well. Not sure if I mentioned that Grasshopper was selected for the All-County band at school. He's turning into quite the little musician. Maverick is still keeping us busy with wrestling even though the season is over. There's still a few more tournaments. So things never really do end in our place. Grasshopper did cross over to Maverick's boy scout troop so we're officailly done with cub scouts. That means I'll be going to summer camp with them for a week in July with no access to work. I'm really looking forward to that. And the Wife will have the house to herself for the week (well, her and the dog). I think she's REALLY looking forward to that.

Well, time to log in to work and be productive.


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