Chip off the old block

It's been a while I know but we've been very busy. School's going well. Grades are good. I've completed all the reading for all my courses, have 2 more papers to write (5 page and 20 page) and have finished the 1st draft on the shorter paper. Bascially in good shape.

The fun part of this weekend was yesterday. Grasshopper was selected for the All County Elementary Band. It's pretty amazing as his older brother has yet to achieve that honor and this is only Grasshopper's 2nd year of playing. The performance was amazing. There was the Elementary Orchestra, basically 5th and 6th graders playing as well as any professional orchestra I've ever heard. Unfortunately, classical music makes me sleepy so I spent a lot of the performance just trying to stay awake.

The Elementary Chorus was a joy to watch. They had some great songs and they brought in some accompanists that just made the performance. The Elementary Band was totally awesome. And not just because my kid was in it. They really sounded great, especially considering they'd only had a grand total of about 8 hours of practice together over 3 different days. It amazes me the talent of these kids (mine included). I recall thinking originally that the Euphonium was sort of a lame instrument when Grasshopper said he wanted to play it. But he really loves his instrument and he'd damn good! So he's converted me. Playing in the bass section is totally cool.

They recorded the performance and we should be getting a CD in a few weeks. Once we have it, I may post a little clip of the band so everyone can hear. In the meantime, it's on with school, work, and raising the kids. Wrestling is done for the season so we have a short lull until soccer starts in May. I am looking forward to going to boy scout camp with the boys in July. A whole week with no access to nothing! It will be nice to be out of touch for a little while. And the Wife gets the house to herself!


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