Won't Get Fooled Again

It appears once more The Government is not looking after the average guy. Latest example? This. Here's what it means. It seems in NYS, they have things called Gas Zones, where wholesaler's such as BJ's can offer gas at $0.20 or more a gallon cheaper than everyone else. It just so happens that the BJ's about 7 miles from my home (of which I'm a member, BTW) charge something like $0.32 a gallon less than the gas station just 2 miles from my house. As a result, may of the other gas stations around that BJ's have lowered their prices to match. So I save big on gas by going a little out of my way, which usually isn't because these gas stations are in a heavy shopping area and I'm out in that direction a bit anyway.

Sounds great right? Capitalism at it's best. If the competition can offer you the same goods and services for less and the competitor can't, then they deserve to go out of business, right?

So what will happen if this bill becomes law? We all know that this will result in the wholesaler raising prices which means the gas stations can raise their prices so consumers will end up paying more for gas. Oil companies can make more profits and the state can collect more taxes. Yes, people, nothing about this bill protects consumers. Sure, local people are complaining about why is gas cheaper in one part of town but not another, but I respond to that, "Why can gas stations charge that much less and stay in business when the other guys charge so much more?". This bill is designed to make more money for the oil companies. And again the little guy gets screwed.

I haven't heard the Governor has signed this into law yet, but I hope he doesn't. But I wouldn't be surprised if he did.


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