Is it just me?


Saturday was a particularly aggrevating day. Lots of small things to annoy, from not having a newspaper to someone dinging my new car. But this is the story of the first thing.

First of all, is it too much to expect that my Saturday morning newspaper is on my porch by 8 am? Part of my Saturday routine is to read the paper while eating breakfast. Perhaps not the whole thing, but a section or two. So when it wasn't on the porch (or in the driveway, or in the bushes), I had to call customer service to report the non-delivery.

And I got their IVR system. In case you don't know what that is, it stands for Interactive Voice Response. That's where they make you talk to the phone even though no one is there. Perhpas it's just me, but I find talking to a computer EXTREMELY annoying (mind you, at work I only talk to my computer when I'm yelling at it, which isn't often since I'm such an IT guru). I had to tell the stupid computer my phone number, address, say yes or no to the stupid questions like "Did you recieve your newspaper today".

The absolutely most infuriating part of the entire process was after I gave all the information, I heard the sound of a keyboard typing before the pre-recorded voice came back and said it had entered the information for me. How stupid does my newspaper think I am? Do they really think I imagined for a second I was talking to a real person? Do they really think I find this interaction much better than just pushing buttons on my phone (which I'd have rather done)?

I understand how businesses want to automate tasks to save money, but this just went too far.

Or again, maybe it's just me.


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