Back in Business Again

Last night was the first real honest to goodness gig I've played with the new pickup in my baby. And I used my new gear setup for the first time. Let me tell you, it all kicked some serious ass! I got great tone on all the songs baby! And the gig went great. There was a larger crowd this year and they all appreciated the music. Even the Bishop and the Mayor were there! We also have a new logo, which I'll post when our designer has the "official" version for us. It's very hip.

In other news, the boys are in lockdown. The last two times I've been out of town they acted like total brats and made the Wife crazy. So I put the hammer down. I made it very clear that as members of the family they are required to help out and that we shouldn't have to tell them what needs to be done. Also I informed them that work comes before play. As a result, they've lost most of their priviledges, including TV. I've blocked all the kid friendly channels so they can't watch Nick or Cartoon Network.

They're slowing coming round. Grasshopper even starting helping out last night without being asked. So perhaps there's hope.


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