The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Boy my day today at work ended entirely unexpectedly. I got a meeting request in the early afternoon from my boss for a quick 15 minute call at 4:45. Normally, I hate end of the day meetings. There was no indication as to what the meeting was about as the subject was "Misc Info".

Before I get into details, a quick bit of history. When my company merged with the company out of Schenectady, one of the more glaring things is what we called "Title Parity". Titles in Rochester had different meanings and levels of responsibility than they did in Schenectady. My title is "Supervisor". Now, in Rochester, pretty much everybody that manages people is a supervisor. Above us would be "Directors" which are people that report directly to the CEO. In Schenectady, a "Supervisor" is more of a team lead. My direct counterpart was a "Manager". We did the same job, just different titles. It cause a little bitterness early on as I was not being invited to "Manager" meetings since I was only a "Supervisor". So the person doing the same job as me was going to important meetings which I was not invited.

Anyway, along comes reorganization of the IT department. I and my counterpart then reported to the new "Director of Customer Service". We have equally responsible positions, but the same titles as before.

Ok, so today I call my boss, the "Director of Customer Service" and ask what's up. He says he has a couple of things for me, but quickly adds "nothing bad". Ok, cool. So we start chatting and he basically comes out and tells me that I've been promoted to "Manager" to put me on par with my counterpart. He then proceeds to tell me that along with the promotion comes a salary increase to a new base salary of $X.XX per year.

The number he quoted me left me speechless and with my jaw hanging open. Good think I was on the phone with him. This new number is a SIGNIFICANT increase over what I was previously making. I didn't hear too much of what he told me afterward. Just to make sure I heard him right, I had him confirm the amount. He repeated that it was correct. I've been giddy ever since. I told the Wife when I got home and she was extremely excited. Not that we were in any sort of financial burden or anything, but we have been concerned about saving for retirement. Hopefully now we can minimize that concern. Even now, I still have trouble believing what I heard.

The first thought that came to my head (once it started spinning) is just how good the Lord has been to me. I've been considering looking for a new job and was questioning whether I was in the right place. My "job satisfaction" has not been what it was. Now, however, I think I'll stay put. My boss also told me how happy he is with the work I'm doing and that he values what I do. That goes a long way. Sure there's problems in our organization, but I think I'll stick around to try and make it better.


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