Listen (to What the Flower People Say)?

Or just what the people say?

I believe this is one of the times the Spirit is wacking me in the head to tell me something important.  It happens every so often.  Here's what I've been hearing lately.  When I started down the path to applying for the diaconate, one of the first things Ellen told me was that I would need to learn to listen to people.  Then, at a meeting with my spiritual adviser, I was asked how I pray.  When I explained, the question I was asked was "do you just listen to God?"  Now, I'm reading books for two different courses and they're all focusing on listening.

See the pattern?  I do.  So, I'm of the impression that the Spirit is telling me I need to listen more.  To God.  To others.  To my wife.  To my family.  To my friends.  To my co-workers.  It looks like a skill I'll need to develop more.  And I believe learn how to do it joyfully.  I've heard a lot of references to St Therese of Lisieux lately.  She's known as the "little flower".  Her spirituality is basically finding the joy in all the little things you do and glorify God in your every day tasks.  Not worry about trying to do "big things".  I've downloaded her autobiography and now just need to find time to read it.  We'll see where it goes.


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