I had hoped to post more often this year (perhaps even daily) but life intrudes.  That and the fact that some days I don't feel like it.  Anyway, who said there were rules for a blog?

I've started reading the letter of James.  The first chapter really hit home so I really want to absorb it.  It states (Ja 1:19) "Know this, my dear brothers; everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath".  Other translations use anger instead of wrath.  Given my Italian propensity to get spun up about stuff, especially at home, I'm really working hard on that.  Not always easy as a parent, especially when talking to your kids is less effective than talking to the wall.  But we all have our challenges.

On the positive side, I think we might have Christopher on a good path to getting organized.  We've got him copying everything on the board with respect to homework assignments into his agenda.  I've asked him to copy it EXACTLY as it appears so he doesn't miss anything.  We've also arranged to have his teachers initial his agenda each day to make sure he got it right.  He has to take the initiative to get it signed, but so far (3 days this week) he's got everything initialed.  We hope to use this as the building blocks for new habits.  He's a good student if he knows what needs to get done and turns it in.  So I am cautiously optimistic right now.

That and I simply keep praying for the kid.  Beyond validating what I can and doing that, there's not much more I can do to make him successful.  At some point he has to own it and the consequences, good or bad.  Once we get that one straightened out, we may have to work on some behaviors on the younger kid.  He still has no self control and continues to not get certain social cues.  However, I only have the energy to deal with one at a time and the older boy needs more of my time right now.


Jude said…
The only rules to blogging are any that you make yourself, so blog when you want to/are able to Vince. There's no sense putting any pressure on yourself as you have enough on your plate. :-)

I really hope this helps Christopher to copy his assignments on the board. Having the teacher involved by initialing his agenda is a positive thing too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
sydwynd said…
Jude: So far so good! The other advantage of getting teachers to sign off is that it shows initiative and that he cares about the subject. No better way to get a teacher on your side than to make an extra effort to do well.
Jude said…
I agree!

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