I was tempted to respond to this on the blog itself and decided against it.  The CEO of my company has a blog where he talks about issues affecting healthcare.  Here is the latest:


Now, while I understand his position and was not aware that getting discount name brand drugs may cost the insurance company more, as a consumer, I must say I don't think educating people will work.  I actually use the $4 copay card for Lipitor he describes.  My healthcare plan says I pay $10 for generics.  So since my rates already went up for this year (and will probably go up next year anyway), why would I pay more for a generic when I can get a name brand drug for less?

I call it the Wal-Mart mentality.  The bottom line is always what does it cost me right now?  It doesn't matter if jobs are shipped overseas or what the real cost of getting cheap stuff is.  The price tag is lower.  Isn't that what really matters?

Well, perhaps not.  This is actually a difficult question.  Relating this to what a person of faith would do, what is the moral impact here?  As a Christian, do I have a moral obligation to support reducing the cost of healthcare and not padding Pfizer's profits?  How can I rail against the Wal-Mart mentality (which I do) and then use the same justifiation myself?  Food for thought.


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