Trust in the Lord

That has been my mantra over the last 10 years or so.  And every time I do, I'm blessed in more ways than I can count.  For those of you that are in my Facebook friend list, you'll know that I was offered, and accepted, a new position at work.  When I got the offer, I was floored.  All I can say is my company (and my new boss) treated me really well.

I'd been concerned for some time about my future with my employer.  I won't put to many details on a public forum, but the possibility existed that my role might be phased out at some point.  I have this habit of working myself out of a job by making my team run really well.  Which was happening.  And I was unsure of the opportunites available to me.  I happened to be talking to one of our HR recruiters about an other position I was interested in and she told me that while I wasn't qualified for the position I was interested in, I should look at this new position I have now.  It's very different from what I've done previously since it's not a direct support position (like help desk).  However, since I've been working on my MBA, I've known I would eventually want to break out of it and get into something more strategic.

So I did the smart thing.  I spoke to my wife and I prayed about it.  I've been doing a lot of praying over the last 8 months.  I eventually came to the conclusion that I should take a chance.  So I spoke to the hiring manager about my interest and he said he'd consider my.  I applied, and the rest is history.  Mind you, I think I need to do a LOT more praying to be successful in this new job and still meet all my responsibilities to my wife and kids.  But I'll take it one day at a time.

Through much of this year, one song/prayer kept coming back to me that the band does.  It's appropriate, I think, and sort of says it all.  I've been on a bit of a crazy journey the last couple of years, professionally speaking anyway.  I've always felt the Lord puts me where He needs me to be, even if I don't know why that is.  Perhaps now I do.  Here's the refrain of the song:

Lead me, Lord, lead me, Lord,
by the light of truth
to seek and to find the narrow way.
Be my way; be my truth;
be my life, my Lord,
and lead me, Lord, today.


Jude said…
I'm SO pumped for you Vince, I can feel the excitement you have! Kudos to you for keeping your faith and knowing you'll be taken care of. That part isn't always so easy. Giving up our "control" over to God and having faith He'll take care of us is difficult at times as our "human-ness" gets in the way.

I'm proud of you. :) I hope this new position is everything you want it to be. When do you start?
sydwynd said…
Jude: Thanks. New position starts 9/19. I'm looking forward to this role for a lot of reasons.
Jammie J. said…
Sometimes it just seems like you're in a holding pattern for-e-ver, doesn't it? I'm glad you had the courage to apply, many would have just sat back, complained and not taken any action.

One of your biggest strengths is that you take initiative, and I'm sure that will serve you well in your new position... 9/19. Big day for you!
sydwynd said…
Jammie: Thanks very much. That means a lot. Waiting can be difficult but patience pays off. I'm definately looking forward to the 19th.
Kate said…
I wanna be friends with you on Facebook! I looked for you, but couldn't find you! My profile is private, you can search me by my email (I think) Or else tell me your email and I'll search for you again. I also won't take it personally if you don't wanna be FB friends!

I think this is great, and I know you wrote yesterday about starting this position Monday. I know you've been on a crazy journey at work, and I hope this new position is everything you hoped and prayed for and much more. I also hope it doesn't take you away from your family obligations, but I'm sure you'll make the smart choices as you always do how to balance your commitments.

I also hope this new position comes with a big fat raise!!
sydwynd said…
Kate: You'll be getting a friend request soon! No comment on the money situation but the job does have a lot more responsibility.

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