Still alive and kicking

Haven't been here in a while but just haven't had much to say.  Ok, I do have some things to say but just haven't been motivated to write it down yet.  I was thinking this morning about stuff going on at our church and I will probably post about that soon, but I need some time to put all of my thoughts together first.

The big deal right now is that the band has a gig tonight and it should be LOADS of fun!  We're playing the second annual Church Rocks event (organized by one of my band members).  Four local Christian rock bands playing a free show in our church parking lot.  Weather is BEAUTIFUL today so it should be a great event. What makes it even more special is that we added a horn section to help out on a couple of songs.  Guess who is the saxaphonist for the horn section?  Yep, that funny looking kid to the left.  This is the first gig I've done with one of my kids and it's quite cool.  He's also looking foward to it.

He asked if he could wear his cool "jazz" hat to the gig.  I told him to knock himself out.  Kid reminds me of someone I know.  When I asked him what it was like to be playing with a real rock star in a real rock band, he replied "I'm already a rock star."  I have no idea where he gets that from.


Jude said…
Hahaha I wonder where he gets that from!

That's awesome Vince, you'll have to update us how the gig went. I bet you'll all have a rockin' good time!
sydwynd said…
Jude: Gig went great! Videos say it all.
Kate said…

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