Did anyone notice?

Yesterday I decided to do a little blog cleaning and figured I'd update my blog roll since many of the ones on it were no longer active.  So I went to log into my Blogroll account (that's who I used to manage it) and saw a message that they'd stopped their service!  There was a statement that my blogroll might be blank and sure enough it was!  Did anyone even notice they'd gone by the wayside?  Another casualty of social networking sites like Facebook, I suppose.  No matter.  I'm going to fill my left hand nav with pictures and other stuff I like.  But it does appear bloggers are turning into dinosaurs on the internet.  Remember when everyone had a blog and it was relevant?  It wasn't that long ago.  Boy, the "good old days" are no longer decades ago but only a few years now.  Pretty soon, the "good old days" will be last year.


Jude said…
Yes I used blogroll too and they folded up business quite awhile ago now. It wasn't working well at all for ages before they closed shop, so I didn't really miss it.

I had to clean up my blog links not long ago too, so many people just stopped and I think some went over to Facebook "instead", rather than "also" like some of us. :-)

I'm just glad you're still blogging, and I LOVE the photos in your sidebar!
sydwynd said…
Jude: I never even noticed there was a problem with my blogroll. Guess I never really paid much attention to that part of my site. Glad you like the pics!
Kate said…
I did notice it, but didn't think to say anything. I usually read in Google reader, so I don't see the changes. I only click over to a site if I'm going to leave a comment.

I also like the pictures! I'm assuming the first is Ellen and the second is you? You made me laugh when you say the good old days will be last year and feel that will be true. Maybe even less time than that! Sometimes I think people jump on the band wagon and jump off again, even if it's something great and worth the time. We do have to be ready to change the format though.

I'm glad you still blog and I appreciate our friendship. I know your son's will appreciate it someday, even if you don't. And I'm sure your wife loves to read the great words you have to say about her!
sydwynd said…
Kate: Same goes for me. I set up my google home page with all my blogs and read posts from there. I only check in at my place to reply to posts and don't look at the left. Top picture is Ellen (from our DC trip last year) looking very Jackie O. Bottom is me at one of the band's gigs (duh) doing what I usually do, entertaining the crowd. If you look close you'll notice that's a D chord. I need to put up a couple of pictures of the kids.
Jammie J. said…
I like your new side pics... :)

I use Google Reader, too.

Never used Blogrolling... maybe a long, long time ago, but I prefer Wordpress's set up and they have their own internal link/blogroll thing which I have set up. But I rarely click on those anymore, I just have them there so people feel special. ha
sydwynd said…
Jammie: I set up blogrolling when I created the blog, wow, back in 2004. Has it been that long? Since most of the bloggers on my roll stopped blogging, it was kind of useless anyway.

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